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Ventilation, smoke removal, air conditioners and heat pumps. What you need to know:

The principle of operation of an air conditioner is similar to that of a heat pump. Their energy efficiency factor, the ratio of heat produced to electricity consumed, is also higher than one. In addition, "winter" air conditioners can operate at outdoor temperatures down to -25 . But, when considering an air conditioner as an additional source of heat in the cold season, you need to take a comprehensive approach to this issue, taking into account many factors. Especially when you have alternative power sources, solar panels, etc. An air conditioner and a heat pump are very similar, but they are different equipment.

By the way, the most critical mode of operation of the air conditioner is at 0 .

Don't forget to maintain your air conditioner. Service includes cleaning, filter replacement, freon refill, and more.

When designing ventilation systems, aerodynamic calculations are carried out, noise and vibration are taken into account.

Smoke removal systems are a separate area that refers to fire protection systems.